Guap Coin Desktop Wallet 101


The primary goal of this lesson is to help users feel confident using the Guap Coin desktop wallet for both Mac and Windows users.

Main Features

Guap Coin is a cryptocurrency that was created to economically empower people of the Global African Diaspora. Let us take ownership of Black and Brown spending power and enrich our communities with it.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Understand how your Guap wallet interacts with the Guap blockchain
  • Know how to see your transaction history
  • Generate a wallet addresses
  • Address the misconceptions about what the Guap wallet does
  • What it means to be your own bank (BYOB)
  • The purpose of coin control
  • Transaction Details
  • How to create a new address
  • Create Contacts of people you know

What is the target audience?

  • Individuals new to Guap Coin and first users of the desktop wallet.

This wallet enables Guap Coin adopters to easily send and receive Guap Coin and create wallet addresses. Anyone can join the Guap revolution.

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Guapcoin Cryptocurrency Wallets Part 1
5 minutes
Guap Addresses
2 questions
Guapcoin Cryptocurrency Wallets Part 2
7 minutes
Guap Coin Desktop Wallet Quiz
3 questions
How To Create a New Address
2 minutes
The Guapcoin Windows Wallet Data Directory
4 minutes
5 out of 5
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