How to Install GUAP Coin on Android Devices


The primary goal of this quick start guide is to introduce you to the GUAP Coin mobile wallet. By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to set up and install a GUAP Coin Wallet. This guide shows you how to download the GUAP Coin Wallet from the Google Play or Apple Store , install the app, setup wallet account, and generate your wallet address. By the time you reach the end of this guide, you’ll be able to successfully setup a wallet used to send and receive GUAP Coin cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Main Features

Guap Coin is a cryptocurrency that was created to economically empower people of the Global African Diaspora. Let us take ownership of Black and Brown spending power and enrich our communities with it.

  • Users new to crypto will learn how to install a software wallet.
  • Generate a wallet address .
  • Send and receive GUAP cryptocurrency.
  • The GUAP Coin Wallet is a secure means of sending and receiving crypto.
  • The built-in QR Code reader provides a fast means to connect with other wallets
  • Multifactor authentication and login timeout to secure wallet from physical theft and hack attempts
  • Lightning Fast transactions rival other alt-coins

What is the target audience?

  • Individuals new to cryptocurrency but understand its purpose.
  • Individuals who want to support the GUAP Coin eco system

This wallet enables Guap Coin adopters to easily send and receive Guap Coin & Bitcoin and create wallet addresses. Anyone can join the Guap AND Bitcoin revolution.

Send and receive Guap as well as Bitcoin easily.

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Starting Course

How to install the Android Guapcoin Wallet
5 minutes

At the end of this course you will learn how to download the Guap Coin on an android device and learn how to use it.

GUAP Wallet Final quiz
5 questions
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— 13 January 2021

  1. New website featured free GUAP Coin Courses - click the curriculum tab and click the text to begin courses!
  2. Quizzes designed to test your knowledge - Customized quizzed are be presented after most courses in order for students to display their overall comprehension of the course.
  3. Earn a certificate of completion - Upon completion of the course quizzes students will receive a certificate of completion from GUAP University.

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